A Brief History of the Swedenborg Library & the New Jerusalem Church

When Swedenborg's work, translated into English, reached the East Coast from England, its message of a church within, rather than institution, and an active, dynamic Lord inspired many. "All of life is religion," said Swedenborg, "and the life of religion is to do good." 

The Chicago "Church of the New Jerusalem" and the "Western New Church Union" (Swedenborg Library) were founded by Jonathan Scammon, an attorney from New York who moved to Chicago before it was officially founded in 1837. He formed the first community of readers of Swedenborg, and a church, securing a lot at Adams Street and Wabash, which became the Adams Street Temple. 

You can read about the early days of the church in Chicago, and some of its notable members (see the ending section) on Google Books, at: 

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