Right: Ken James discusses "The Evolution of the Psyche" from a Jungian perspective, a Common Ground program hosted by the Swedenborg Library in May, 2017. Location: James Parlor, on the 2nd floor of 77 W. Washington St. in Chicago. 
Past Programs @ Swedenborg Library
Past Programs / on Swedenborgian Theology
"Divine Providence" 32-session discussion group led by Karen Feil and Rev. Robert McCluskey.
"Overview of the Bible" 9-session discussion group led by Rev. Robert McCluskey. 
"Parables of Jesus from a Swedenborg perspective," with Rev. Robert McCluskey and Karen Feil. 
"The 10 Commandments from a Swedenborgian View" with Rev. Robert McCluskey. 
"Swedenborg 101," "A Thoughtful Soul," Heaven & Hell," "The Heavenly City," "Miracles of Spiritual Growth," "The Gospel of Mark," and "A Book About Us," with Rev. Dr. George Dole. 
"Blake & Swedenborg," with Rev. Dr. David Fekete.
"Swedenborg & Mesmer," with Dr. John Haller.
"Proving God," with Ed Sylvia.
More past programs sponsored by the Swedenborg Library
"The 1893 Columbia Exposition," with Russell Lewis; 
"The Burnham Plan," with Dr. Kristen Shaffer, at the Art Institute of Chicago and National-Louis University; 
"The White City: A Musical" with Lost & Found Productions.  
"George Inness & Swedenborg" at the Art Institute of Chicago. 
"Why Forgive?" with Richard Smoley of Quest Books.
"Life After Life" with Dr. Raymond Moody.
"The Mystic Heart of Justice," with Denise Breton. 
"Synchronicity" with Christopher Larson.
"The Devil & the White City," with Erik Larson, at the Cliff Dwellers Club. 
"Fieldnotes on the Compassionate Life," with Marc Ian Barasch;
"Native American Justice" with Phil Cousineau, at the Siskel Film Center.
"The Kabbalah" with Rabbi Cohen.
Qi Gong practice, with Jim Kobus.
"Goddesses," and "The Red Tent," with Mercy Gilpatrick.
"C.S. Lewis - The Great Divorce," with Wayne Martindale.
"Low-Key Genius: O.C. Simonds," with Barbara Geiger, at the Cliff Dwellers.
"The Symbolism of the Tarot," with Paul Quinn. 
"Synchronicity, Tarot & the Joy of Wonderment" with Paul Quinn. 
"Invoking the Archangles" with Sunny Dawn Johnson. 
"The Art of Intuition workshop" with Sophy Burnham. 
"Angels Among Us" lecture, by Sophy Burnham.
"Forgiveness Workshop" with Sophy Burnham. 
"A Course in Miracles" discussion group. 
Intuition group meetings. "
"Nikola Tesla" with John Wasik, author of "Lightning Strikes: Timeless Lessons in Creativity from Nikola Tesla."
"Nothing Is Truer Than Truth" film on the Shakespeare-Edward de Vere controversy, with afterwords by Dr. Alfred Thomas, UIC. 

Recent Bookclub Discussions:
"Lincoln in the Bardo" by George Saunders.
"A Man Called Ove" by Fredrik Backman.
"A Gentleman in Moscow" by Amor Towles. 
"Intuition on Demand" by Lisa K. PhD
"The Intention Experiment" by Lynne McTaggert.
"The Power of Eight" by Lynne McTaggert. 
"The Wisdom of a Meaningful LIfe" by John Bruna.
"The Untethered Soul" by Michael Singer
"Awareness" by Anthony De Mello
"Why Does God Let It Happen" by Bruce Henderson
"The Shift" by Wayne Dyer
"Becoming" by Michelle Obama 
"Becoming Wise" by Krista Tippett
Past Common Ground programs @ the Swedenborg Library
The Swedenborg Library hosted programs by COMMON GROUND faculty from 2006-2019 when Common Ground ceased operation and ended its 45 year run.  Some of the programs we have enjoyed include:
Past programs by Rabbi Herbert Bronstein, a co-founder of COMMON GROUND, at the Swedenborg Library:
"American Jewry"
"American Values"
Environmentalism Now"
"The Three Messiahs"
Past programs by Kenneth James of COMMON GROUND, at the Swedenborg Library:
"Dreams, Healing & the Self"
"The Evolution of the Psyche"
Some of the past programs by Jim Kenney of COMMON GROUND, at the Swedenborg Library: 
"The Knights Templar"
"Indo-Euro Languages"
"Language Mysteries"
"Suffering & Happiness in Buddhism"
"Michael Pollan: Defending Food"
"Axial Ages of Religion"
"Alphabet vs the Goddess"
"Teilhard de Chardin"
"Intelligent Design"
"Religion & Violence"
"Einstein's Opponents"
"The Changing Face of the Middle East"
"10 Reasons for Global Hope"
"Anatomy of a WikiLeak"
"Why Ayn Rand Ignites the Right"
"Great Moments in Buddhism"
"Religion Evolving?"
"Genghis Khan: The Empire is Born"
"Meeting Ben Franklin"
"Thomas Jefferson"
"Sunnis & Shi'ites: Two Faces of Islam"
"Buddhism & Christianity-Contemplation & Action"
"Russia, Putin & Power"
"Dystopias - Anti-Utopias"
"Mysteries of Native America Spirituality"
"Science & Religion: The Long Entanglement"
"The Eleven Nations of North America"
Past programs by Jerrol Leitner of COMMON GROUND, at the Swedenborg Library: 
"Emerson's Spirituality"
"Emily Dickinson's God"
"Nicea: When Jesus Became God"
"The Didache: The Teachings of the Twelve Disciples"
"The Gospel of Mary Magdala"
"David Thoreau"
"Adam & Eve & Us"
"Jesus & Buddha"
"Advice for Spiritual Revolutionaries"
"Diversity in Early Christianity."

Past programs by the late Ron Miller, co-founder of COMMON GROUND, at the Swedenborg Library:
"Why We Pray"
"Process Philosophy" (with Jack Gilroy)
"William James" (with Jack Gilroy)
"The Letter of James"
"God's Problem"
"The Last Week"
"The Gospel of Thomas"
"The Paradox of Paul"
"Judas & Mary Magdelene"
"The Gospel of Judas"
"Unpacking the Parables"
"Sex & Spirituality"
"Genres of the Bible"
"The Bible in Context"
"Bible Mnemonics"
"The Unlikely Disciple"
"Thich Nhat Hanh"
"Torah for Today"
"Judaism's Prophets"
"The Devil You Say: The Rite"
"When Religion Lies"
"Revolution in Religion"
"Does Suffering Disprove God"
"Does Organized Religion Have a Future?"
"Ambiguity of Atheism"
Past programs by Ahmad Sadri of COMMON GROUND, at the Swedenborg Library:
"Rumi / Persian Poets"
"Epic of the Persian Kings"
"Religions of Ancient Persia & the Abrahamic Faiths"
"Shi'ite & Iranian Spirituality"
"Iran's Second Reform: Rouhani"
"Iran-No Longer a Pariah?"
"Religious Terrorism in the 21st Century"
"Being Muslim in America"
"The Three Faces of Iran"
"Being Muslim in America"
"The Sunni - Shi'ite Divide"
"What Americans Need to Know About Islam"
"The Epic of the Persian Kings" 

Past programs by Pauline Viviano of COMMON GROUND, at the Swedenborg Library:
"Why the World Isn't Coming to an End Anytime Soon" (on Revelation)
"Creation in Genesis"
"Paul's Theology – Relevant or Obsolete?" 
"How Didi Noah Get All Those Animals on the Ark–Reflections on the Story of the Flood."

Past programs by John Wasik of COMMON GROUND, at the Swedenborg Library:
"Nikola Tesla"
"Federal Budget Blues"
"Occupy This!"
"Spiritual Economy"
"Keynes' Way to Wealth"
"Misbehaving: The Science of Decision-Making"
"Innovation in Illinois Over the Past 200 Years"

LOOP IONS Past Programs at the Swedenborg Library:
"How Consciousness Functions"
"Do We Have Free Will?"
"Finding Joe" (film)
Field trip to hear Michio Kaku at Elmhurst College
"Dialog between Tom Campbell and IONS' Dean Radin"
"Death Makes Life Possible" (film and discussion)
"The Elegant Universe" (video and discussion) 
"Consciousness & Healing" (book discussion)